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Save the Date Wording

Save the date cards are a big trend right now.  Whether you are purchasing your cards from a stationer, ordering them online, or making them yourself, you will likely have to decide on the wording you want for your save the date cards.  There are many different themes you can choose for your wording.  Since save the date cards are typically less formal than your wedding invitations, you can use the wording to be cute, funny, or creative.  There are also different wordings you can use if you are having a destination wedding or if you want to keep your save the date cards more formal. 

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No matter what theme you choose, your save the date wording should include:

  1. Your names :: Always include at least your first names on your save the date cards.  You may also include your middle and last names if you wish.  Even if you include an engagement photo on your card, you should still at least include your first names to avoid any confusion for your guests.

  2. The day of your wedding :: Announcing your wedding date is the main purpose of sending save the date cards.  It is a great way to let guests know what day to reserve for your wedding.

  3. The location of your wedding :: You should also include the city or town of your wedding location.  If you leave this information out, your guests will not know what travel accommodations they should make or if they need to get time off from work to be able to attend your wedding.  If your reception is going to be in a town or city with a different name than your wedding ceremony, you should use the location of the ceremony.  And if you do not yet know what city you are getting married, you probably aren't ready to send save the date cards to your guests.

  4. A nod to your wedding invitations – Even though save the date cards are becoming very popular and common, some guests may not know what they are.  Save the date cards do not contain all the details of a wedding invitation, so guests may be confused if they assume your save the date's are your wedding invitations.  Most save the dates say "Invitation to follow" or "More details to follow," even if very small at the bottom.

  5. Your wedding website :: If you have created a wedding website, your save the date cards are a perfect way to let your friends and family know about it.  You can include the website address of your site and invite your guests to check it out.  This, of course, is optional.

Here are some examples of save the date wordings you can use if you want to use a standard, common verse.

Save the Date!


Heather Lea


Joseph David

Atlanta, Georgia

Invitation to follow

Heather Lea


Joseph David

are getting married on

May 23, 2014

Charleston, South Carolina

Please save the date!

Invitation to follow

Save the date

for the wedding of

Heather + Joseph


Boston, Massachusetts

Invitation to follow.

Save the Date!

Heather and Joseph

are getting married.

May 23, 2014

San Francisco, California

Invitation to follow

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